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TS1 Type Thermal Hydrodynamic Pumps




«Teplo ÕÕI veka»

(“Heat of the XXI century”)

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The general data


Principle of operation



The thermal hydrodynamic pump consists of: heat-generator, electric motor, joint box, frame. The thermal hydrodynamic pump is equipped with control, measurement and monitoring units. TS1-055/75/90/110 products are unified and differ only in case details, mounting dimensions, and electric motor capacity.

Heat-generator is a cylinder with covers, inlet and outlet fittings. The inlet fitting is at the bottom part of the cover at the electric motor side, the outlet fitting is at the top part of the heat-generator outside cover. A heat carrier activator – rotor – made as a shaft with rigidly fixed disks of a special profile is mounted in the case. The heat-generator shaft is connected with the electric motor through a joint box.


The shaft at the motor side is fixed with a ball double-row self-aligning bearing, the international marking (ISO 492) is 2311, Russian marking - 1611, and at the other side - with 466311 duplex bearing.

End seals 60mm Ò2100/K/BR1C1/M manufactured by the John Crane or analogous end seals by other manufacturers are mounted on the shaft to prevent heat carrier leakage on the shaft. End seals are cooled with heat carrier under pressure.

If pressure at heat-generator outlet fitting is less than 2.0kgs/cm2, even at a short-term start-up of the product, it causes the end seals destruction.

Heat-generator does not generate outlet pressure. Moreover as the diameters of disks apertures and gaps between the heat-generator case and disks are the minimum, the pressure loss makes 1.2-2.0 kgs/cm2. Pressure in the heat system is generated by the circulating pump, which power is defined by its concrete design features. Product automatics are designed for control of the circulating pump with a power max. 5.5 kW. The circulating pump is not an equipment of the product and does not enter into the delivery complete set.


Serial, industrial, induction, three-phase electric motors with a short-circuited rotor, frequency of 50Hz, line voltage of 380V, rotational speed of 3000 rpm, on lugs, with one end shaft  are applied for thermal hydrodynamic pumps. At the customer's option installation can be completed with electric motors in tropical, marine, explosion-proof, etc. modification.


Power of the electric motor is selected from the line by the rated capacity parameter – power necessary for starting spinup of the heat-generator. The rated capacity is necessary for initial spinup of the shaft with a large inertia moment, and overcoming of heat carrier viscosity in the heat-generator. As the motor gets an operating mode the power consumption decreases to 10%.


The joint box consists of two half-couplings connected with metal fingers with rubber spigots. Acceptable radial concentricity is max. 0.07mm.

The heat-generator and electric motor are delivered to the customer skid-mounted. The frame for TS1-055/75/90/110 products is unified and differs only in binding of mounting dimensions of heat-generator and electric motor. The frame is made of channel # 18. Frame outer dimensions (length/width): 2000mm x 700mm.


For maintenance of concentricity of the electric motor and heat-generator the frame is annealed, and then mounting faces are planar machined with a facer that eliminates deformation and heat stress in the frame coursed by welding.


The thermal hydrodynamic pump is installed on six vibratory bearings or special rubber mats in order vibration is not transferred to the base. Delivery hoses (flexible inserts) prevent transfer of vibration to the pipes of heating system.